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Dara's Me2day 100701

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

I need a girl ~ !

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100630 TAEYANG「SOLAR」Making Teaser

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!
А вот и тизер!!!:jump:

(c)gilbakk2010 .youtube

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Dara's Me2day 100629

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

두구두구두구두구… 이 트로피를 받을사람은~?
누규?!ㅋㅋㅋ 이 트로피의 주인을 찾숩니다^^

*heartbeat*… Who will receive this trophy~?
Who?!ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll find the owner of this trophy^^

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Dara's Me2day 100629 Dara: It’s a couple picture with Taeyang!

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

평소에 장난꾸러기 동생이던 영배가 촬영장에서 음악이 나오자 멋지고 매력적인 남자 태양으로 변했다! 멋있긴하더라^^
복근만 쪼꼬렛인게 아니라 목소리도 쪼꼬렛이다 ㅋㅋ
달콤달콤 열매를 먹었나 영배가???

Youngbae should have been a mischievous dongsaeng at the film studio, but has changed into a beautiful, charming young man! Very stylish^^
Not only his stomach muscles are like chocolate, but his voice too ㅋㅋ
Youngbae eats sweet fruit???

Thanks aa-chan for translation

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Dara's Me2day 100628

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

헐리우드에 진출한 싼토끼!!!
“전.. 랙잭이들이 차려준 밥상에 숫가락만 올렷을뿐입니다!
사랑해요 투애니원~ 사랑해요 블랙잭!!!” ㅠㅠㅋㅋ
상상중인 싼토끼.. 꿈을 크게 가집시다!^.^ㅋㅋㅋ

Dara advances to Hollywood!!!
“Before.. [Something about Black Jacks and perfect pitch]!
I love you 2NE1~ I love you Black Jacks!!!” ㅠㅠㅋㅋ
Daydreaming Dara.. Have a good dream!^.^ㅋㅋㅋ

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Dara's Me2day 100626

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

와쌉?! 여긴 아침 7시47분.. 축구 보고있어요!!! 후반전 남았는데 우리 태극전사들 힘내세용~!!!
싼토끼 골키퍼가 열심히 응원할게요! 한국의 모든 붉은악마와 함께! ㅠㅠ
할수있다할수있다! 우리.. 8강 가는거~죠!? ^.^ 쪽!!! -3-

Wassup?! It’s 7:47am here.. Watching the football!!! Hope the Korean players can keep working hard~!!!
Dara the goalkeeper will keep cheering hard! With all of Korea! ㅠㅠ
We can do it, we can do it! We.. Can go into the final 8~right!? ^.^ Jjeuk!!! -3-

Thanks aa-chan for translations

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Dara's Me2day 100620 (старое)

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

얍! 딱 한장만 살짝 보여줄게요! 너무너무 멋진모습들이 많지만 그건 뮤비로 확인해주세용^^
이노래와 뮤비를 통해서 많은 여성분들이 태양의 girl이 될수있는 방법을 알게될거같아요! 또 한번 영배가 여심을 확~
녹일거같네요!^^ 기대기대! 홧팅홧팅 야야야!!!

Yap! I’m only going to show you one photo secretly! We had a lot of really cool-looking moments but please check those out in the MV^^
Through this song and MV, it seems like a lot of girls will be able to learn ways to become Taeyang’s girl! I think Youngbae is going to totally~
melt the hearts of girls again!^^ Excited excited! Fighting fighting ya ya ya!!!

GEE @ ygladies(tran.)

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Dara's Me2day 100618

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

땀 삐질~ㅋ응원하느라 땀나서 다시 곱슬머리가 되가고있는 다롱이ㅋ
울 강아지인형 하치와 함게ㅋ울집에 강아지인형은 참 많아요ㅋ인형은 안무서워서~^^
암튼 대한민국 홧팅! 붉은악마 홧팅!!!야야야!!!

sweatdrop*~ㅋ My hair got frizzy when I was cheeringㅋ I’m with my stuffed dog, Hachiㅋ
There are a lot of stuffed dogs in my houseㅋ Because stuffed animals aren’t as scary~^^
Anyway, Korea fighting! Red Devils fighting!!! Yayaya!!!

박봄양 허벅지 폴라로이드 사진 이벤트를 어떤식으로 해야할지
생각중입니다 글구 이번엔 짱매를 연락을받으실 준비가된분께!ㅋ
아님 그사진 개굴형부한테 줘버릴거에요~ㅋ형부~ㅋ 개구리 좋아하세요?ㅋㅋ

I’m thinking about how I can choose the winner for the ‘Park Bom Legs Polaroid’ event and this time,
it will be given to someone who is prepared for Jjang Manager’s phone call!ㅋ
If you don’t answer, I’ll give it to our froggy brother-in-law~ㅋ Brother-in-law~ㅋ Do you like frogs?ㅋㅋ

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Dara's Me2day 100612

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

내 손가락이 왜케 클까요~?!?오늘 숙소에서 넋놓고 라면 끓이다가그만…ㅠ
2도 화상을…!우연히 그모습을 리다에게 목격당했는데 토닥토닥해줬어요ㅠ
훌쩍훌쩍..걱정은말아요 쪼끄매요 화상부위는ㅋㅋ라면끓이다 웬일이래…ㅋ앗 따거~!

Why is my fingers looking bigger~?!? At home today, the ramyeon was boiling…ㅠ
2nd degree burn…! Accidentally, the leader observedㅠ Lightly lightly..My anxiety over the burned region stoppedㅋㅋ
If it matters that the ramyeon finished boiling..ㅋ It’s hot~!

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Win Win Show(feat Dara)

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!


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Dara's Me2day 100610

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

뒤늣게 도착한 1주년 선물 한바구니ㅋㅋ지각생들!ㅋ
팬분들이 주시는 편지나 선물들은 다 소중하지만 개인적인 취향으로 내가 젤
좋아하는것중 하나는 우리의 사진이나 자료를 모아서 만들어주시는
사진앨범이나~재밌는 책들ㅋㅋ완전 좋아요!^.^ㅋ

This arrived in a basket for our 1 year anniversaryㅋㅋLifestyle perceptions!ㅋ
Although all fan gifts are valuable to us, I especially like the ones where they keep pictures of us to create a message book~ Fun booksㅋㅋ Super awesome!^.^ㅋ

Translations by AA_CHAN

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Dara on Win Win (cut)

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

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Dara's Me2day 100608

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

두둥!!!굿모닝!^.^ 오늘밤 에브리바디 승승장구 닥본사!!!ㅋ공중파…예능..토크쇼..HD..ㅠ
굉장히 떨렸는데 열심히했어용!x떳,단x,강x장 이후로 첫출연!꽈~연..이번엔편집안당했을지?ㅋ구혜선 승승장구 고고고~!!!

Ding dong!!! Good morning!^.^ Everybody must watch Win Win live tonight!!!ke TV…entertainment…talk show..HD..ㅠ
I was so nervous but I worked very hard! My first time appearing after doing F.*, Dan**, St**g H**rt! Will~I..end up not being edited out this time?ke Goo Hyesun Win Win go go go~!!!

Translations by Gee @ ygladies.com

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Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

와쌉~!?^.^ 이제 바닷가로~ 슈웅~!ㅋ
Whassup~!?^.^ Now I’m off to the beach~ shoong~! ke

Translated by: GEE @ YGLadies.com

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Dara Preview on Win Win

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!
В следующем эпизоде Win Win Дара будет участвовать в качестве приглашённого друга гостя))!!!!:dance3:


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dara-thunder making artist 100602

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!


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28.05.2010 2NE1 Dara’s Me2day Updates

Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

가만히~ 생각해봉께 우리 데뷔 일주년 지났자나요…ㅋ연애금지 기간이 3년인데…

이제 일년 지났으니… 2년 남은건…가? 그런거에요?! 오마이갓!!!ㅠㅠ좋아… 근데 남자가없음ㅋㅋ 굿밤!^.^ㅋ

Попробуйте ~ думать об этом осторожно. Наш первый юбилей прошл ... ㅋ

Я не могу себе позволить ходить на свидания 3 года ... но один год уже прошел ... так что только два года осталось... не так ли?

Не так ли?! Боже мой! ㅠ ㅠ Так хорошо ... Но у меня нет парня ㅋ ㅋ

Спокойной ночи! ^. ^ ㅋ

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2NE1 & Big Bang - Last Farewell (Oct. 3, 2009)(Chuseok Special)

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Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

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Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!
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Sandara Park wishes CL a Happy Birthday

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Wassup?! We 2ne1!!!!!

2NE1’s Sandara Park (Dara) was one of the first Korean celebrities to embrace social media by posting various updates through her me2day.
Earlier today she updated her me2day by wishing 2NE1 Leader CL (Lee Chae Rin) a Happy Birthday, she wrote:

« 오늘 밥한끼도 못먹은 아가린… 미역국도 못끓여주구…ㅠㅠ엉엉엉 미안하다~!!!생일 너무너무너무 축하해~!^.^ 이제 스무살이지만 우리에겐 영원히~ 아가린~ 이야~!!! 앞으로도 건강하구 행복하렴!알라븅~~~!!!^^♥
«Tonight I didn’t eat anything… I didn’t cook seaweed soup…ㅠㅠ UNG UNG UNG My Bad~!!! Many Many Many Birthday Wishes (Happy Birthday)~!^.^ She might be turning 20 but she’s still our baby forever~!!! From now on be healthy and happy! Love ya~~~!!!^^♥»

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